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*+:。.。 Mini Diary 07.02.23 。.。:+*

Hello everyone!  Not much besides housekeeping and boring stuff  has been going on for me, and I've been struggling to come up with ideas for a blog entry . So I'm gonna list 10 wonderful things! 

 The podcast wonderful!

This whole list was mostly inspired by this podcast, I've mentioned still listening and enjoying mcelroy content. Even though all the brothers have podcasts with their wives, Griffin and Rachel's dynamic are my favorite. It's a good podcast that's really easy to listen to and makes me happy to learn about interesting new things.

 Jerma . . . just jerma 

 love him.

3. Cocteau twins - Heaven or Las Vegas

I listened to this album and took a midday nap while listening, The album kept replaying and I woke up to some songs every now and then it was a pretty good nap, and I really enjoyed the album too despite falling asleep it was a damn good album.

 Warm tea / Hot chocolate

I don't like my tea boiling or very cold, the best part of a tea is after leaving it to sit for a while and drinking it warm also? tea with some jam toast or biscuits; amazing . I am my grandmothers grand-daughter lol


I saw some chickens just on someone's lawn the other day,, it was a little weird but not incredibly unusual. They were so pretty.

6. Certificates of appreciation

I received one from my co-facilitator for our art group! Maybe others would find them useless but I enjoy receiving stuff like this, it's very validating to me.

 7.Doggys n puppies

Dogs are my favorite animal, I love them so much and I will explode the day I finally get to take care for one myself. I see dogs out being walked, but I'm much too shy to greet it since there's usually a human behind every dog and I can't deal with humans lol. Nothing better imo than a little brown puppy.


Speaking of doggies another wonderful thing is my fave plush toy babey,, I got her when I was 12 (I think) I gave her a bunch of names but right now I've stuck with babey. She's a bit old but I still love her.

 Video essays

I love a good video essay! here are some of my faves.

Visceral Femininity : A Bloodborne Video Essay

Sexy Catholic art, The Hierachy of Angels and Bayonetta

Sins. Cinema

Freaks isn't A Horror Film

2 Bi 2 Furious

How Nicki Minaj Changed Hip Hop


I've been attempting to journal more often and keeping almost all of my housekeeping and lists in one book has been pretty helpful, I think it decreases my anxiety a bit and has been very helpful for me. Plus it's just nice to put my washi tape and stickers to good use.

That's all for today! Thank you for reading  let me know something that's wonderful to you in the comments! 

Good night 

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