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Jhariah Concert 2/8! (+7/30/22 Will Wood Concert)

So, as some (few, lol. I wouldn't say Jhariah is exceptionally popular...) of you might know, Jhariah Clare is gonna do a live show in NYC soon! Be there or be square! I've been a fan of his since late 2021, when he played some of his music to drum up hype for Will Wood's Indiegogo campaign. Speaking of Will Wood, I also saw him play live a while ago, too! God bless his heart for having one all-ages show within feasible distance for me. I have a literal truckload of merch from that night. (If you were there, I was that girl dressed up as Gwen!) I yelled at him- yeah, ONSTAGE- telling him not to talk about his piss weirdly. He called peeing "relinquishing [his] mighty stream", though, so I feel I was at least slightly in the right. He had actually told me off once before this, in 2021, on Life In The World to Come. In the episode "Every Rose Has A Gun", I ask this lovely question, now copy-pasted directly from my E-mail archive-

"hi chris and the other guy.  im a small evil lesbian and i really want a girlfriend. will my chances of getting a girlfriend change when the apocalypse happens"

He very indignantly shunned me for calling myself a "small evil lesbian" and at the same time acting like I don't know who he is. Between me getting an actual selfie with him and asking him why he made a Prescription character hot that night, I'd say this is some of my pride and joy.

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