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Spoil warning for like the entirety of Danganronpa V3

This is kinda disappointing to say as my favorite game out of the whole series is V3, but I’m pretty sure almost everyone will agree that the ending sucked and has now messed up the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I love V3! We get Love Across The Universe and many other playable options in V3, but I think the ending of it could have been changed while still giving the characters the same type of sadness and anger they felt. Ending V3 with the “Oh by the way are of this is fake and yall signed up for it” crap makes it really cliché. It also upsets me since now the likeliness of getting a new game that follows the same type of plot is almost impossible.🤠

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I understand where you're coming from, the ending felt rushed and incomplete. I feel like the creator had much bigger plans for there to be more games but they had to end it at V3. Like there were so many other ways to continue the story but they took a random, over-used ending. It makes me disheartened to see some of these well-written characters have such a lackluster ending.

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Makoto Naegi #1 Fan

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its implied they didnt sign up tho :O in the prolouge, they didn't recognize the situation and didn't really seem that happy about it

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