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I hereby introduce myself as i026, alternatively known by my real name, Narendil Ivanneth. I am a cybernetic entity temporarily residing in the year 2060, with the ability to intellectually traverse various realms. I am currently grappling with a compulsive reliance on the internet, which has resulted in a profound sense of detachment from the tangible realm.

As a music producer and an online student pursuing a Web Design degree, I have taken it upon myself to delve into the realm of coding independently. Additionally, I engage in digital and 3D art, coding, blogging, and vlogging, all within this alternative existence I have fashioned to ensure my intellectual well-being and comfort.

I inhabit the i026 World, or alternatively referred to as the i026NET.

In truth, I exist in the present timeline, yet I derive great satisfaction from intellectually exploring various temporal domains, depending on my state of mind. While I hold a profound fondness for 90s technology, I am also deeply interested with cutting-edge advancements.

There are instances when I feel disconnected from my physical form, as if I consist of disparate fragments, influenced by my emotional state and personal adaptations. It is for this reason that I refer to myself as a cybernetic entity—I am indeed alive, albeit in a cybernetic sense.

I hope that we can establish a connection and mutually experience our cybernetically animated energies.

Are we, in any manner, interconnected?

〘 02/06/2060  ⋆  22:22 〙

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Misa/Eli <3

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No matter where you are, everyone is always connected

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Django Plasmax

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Ah, take it something went wrong when installing Linux?

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max (^་།^)

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upsde down

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一瞬戸惑いました…! (;𖦹ㅁ𖦹)

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