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Hello World! An Introduction, Personal Insight, and Excitement!

Oh, hi there!

  It's been a long, very long time since I have been in touch with my inner child enough to indulge once more in nostalgia in a website like Spacehey- Something I wish I had gotten more of a taste of as a kid. Simple UI, community driven, and in touch with a time far before internet forums were abandoned and the internet became a condensed pool of anything for views. Before shit was soulless, you know?

  Yada yada I sound like a boomer.

  So, my name is Eli. I prefer Beetle on here, for privacy's sake. I'm a 20 year old trans guy artist, just trying to make his way in the world. Just like anyone else, navigating the crashing waves of life where some days it is harder to swim than others. Some days you need floaties. Some days, sharks enjoyed messing with you a bit. Whatever- Life is hard. That's my point.

  Perhaps because of this, because of the idea, and because my life in particular has sort of been a train wreck and a good example of: "Can't get much worse than this, can it...? Can it???" Given in the past 20 years I've been tussled around in foster care, lived homeless, etc etc...

((Ramble Incoming about Life and Whatnot- No obligation to read ^^"))

  But my main purpose for living seems to be put into three categories, and sharing myself here and my care here may be beneficial to someone out there (But again, this is just kinda my life motto):

  1) Make art.

  Simple. Make things you enjoy making. Ditch social norms, comparison, and pressure whenever you can in the chance to make more things you just enjoy. Put macaroni and glitter on a piece of paper. Color a coloring book. Write a novel. Doesn't matter! Make something.

  2) Indulge in whatever makes you happy

  ...OF COURSE, within reason. Don't hurt other people on purpose. If you can help it, keep working against hurting yourself on purpose. Just be yourself. For me, that can be as simple as making this silly account, watching a movie I like, or playing with kid's toys at... 20 years old.

  3) Kindness is key

  The amount of small words that have kept me from giving up... God. a simple joke to a smile from someone, I am lucky to have a few, very close friends of mine that actually care for me, and vice versa. (If you're struggling to find those friends, I hope you do in time. I thought I would never, and then things changed pretty quickly!)

  You never know what someone is going through, right? Being able to sometimes just offer a listening ear has comforted me enough to keep going, and be able to do that again for someone else. It doesn't have to be complex. Life doesn't have to be intricate and everything doesn't have to have some deep meaning. Your sadness, happiness, it's all a valid expression of whatever you're experiencing, and what other people are experiencing. Knowing I help people helps myself- And it even goes back to number one. Art brings kindness, happiness, and indulgence. 

  Art is just a very big part of me.

  ...And again, this is just a ramble of ideas that help me! You don't have to read them, but if you want to read them, have at it! Might help you, too, or not, I don't mind ^_^

  So, I wanted to start posting on here to share my art, hobbies, whatever! I've always been too anxious using mainstream social medias now, and I really feel in touch with myself at the idea of using MySpace Spacehey to really craft a place for myself and other people that's enjoyable. 

  So, Hello world! I'm excited to be here with you all! (^_^)/ !!

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