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things are looking up oh finally

hello there!!!! it's been a minute uhh sorry about that :/

basically...... my laptop has been in the repair shop for MONTHS because the screen broke but turns out the screen on my laptop is a fancy screen (oled) so it took them agesss to get the screen bc they're kind rare apparently?? idk. doesn't matter. apparently it would've cost thousands of pounds if some other company did it but they were nice and i only had to pay like 200 to get it fixed because it took them so long to fix it and we didn't know the screen was fancy. so that's nice. my laptop is gonna be back in my arms by friday which is awesome. im typing this from my pc. and i know i could've been more active on here on my pc but i just kinda forgot to check spacehey.. sorry :( BUT i definitely will be more active when i get my laptop back. I PROMISE!! 

anywayyyyy................. updates updates updates!!!

SO life is going actually alright. like i said, im getting my baby(laptop) back this week YAY, and things in life are just generally going okay!

i'm in my 3rd dnd campaign that started a few months ago and it's been so fun!! the first few sessions were a bit awkward bc it was with people i had never met before from the gaming society we're all in but now we've gotten to know each other pretty well and it's honestly the highlight of my week. *announcer voice* EVERY WEDNESDAY.... 1PM TO 3/4PM... ISOBEL PLAYS...DND...

i play guitar more too, not that great but i'll get better!!

uni is... well, yk, but i have a group thing and we have to meet every friday, the work is easy and it's nice talking to people on my course. and now that my degree transfer has been approved, i can kinda just chill for the rest of the year because none of my assignments or anything matter lol.

what else: gigs, so many gigs!! it's only the start of february and i've seen noahfinnce then the 1975(was forced, still fun though) and then ls dunes.. OH YEAH UHH I MET FRANK IERO????? INSANE. there's a picture of me with him on my twitter if you wanna see it :D

i'm LOVING the last of us tv show, i finished episode 4 and it was soooo good, i mean all of the episodes have been amazing but yeah god. i fucking love the games so much and the fact that it's such a good adaptation which is SO RARE to see nowadays is really cool. 

being on bandomtwt? fun too, Bbendon has ended panic so that's kinda wild. but it's been super fun doing spaces with val and michaela and elaine and noelle so thats nice, having online friends is cool. finally being able to talk about fanfic, sex and kinks is SO REFRESHING.

and um yeah that's it! well ialsomightmaybehaveagirlfriendsoonidkahhhhh

i wont say her name incase she finds this (i doubt it but i hope she doesn't because that would be really embarrassing) she's great. she's really cool and cute and we like the same music and she dyes her hair cool colours. i'm gonna ask her to be my valentine. i wanna make a big arrangement of flowers and presents and stuff and make it all cute. future gf??? i hopeihopeihope hehe

anyway that's about everything but yeah!!! i hope ur life is going well and if its not im sorry. things will look up eventually i promise you <3


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