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2/6/23 - Day 1 - The first page.

Well this is a first. i decided to make an account on here since the so-called "Impending doom" of twitter. But just in case if it shuts down ill be on here. I'll mostly talk about my life and stuff here. Whether I decide to put them on here is completely up to me.

Anyway school is alright i guess. i haven't had any troubles so far since i don't do anything that will get me in trouble. I have seen some people get into their own fair shares of struggles like me. But ill save that in another time. Now what should i talk about..? Oh right. There was a fight at school yesterday. (if you can even call it a fight.) Some girl was beating the shit out of some guy because she claimed that he took her stuff. Then they took it outside and everyone was watching. Staff and security got involved to break up the fight. I think i saw one of my classmates there without his mask on and i saw that he had blood on his cheek. "Daaaaaaaamn!" i thought to myself while i just exited before anything more happened. Currently Mohammed (My classmate) hasn't been seen after that. Possibly getting suspended for getting into that fight. But i don't give shit about that guy since he is a piece of shit. Anyway aside from that i think i'm deciding that i should get a laptop for my birthday cause i haven't gotten one since i spilled my drink on it when i was little. God i was stupid back then...

Anyway i hope i can get one so i can do more than this stupid Chromebook im on. You can't even do much on a Chromebook. Well that's it for today. ill see if there will be something interesting on the next day so can i tell my story even more.



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