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❀ READ !!! DNI/BYI ----------->

♡ DNI LIST --------->

* standard DNI criteria (queerphobic, racist, sexist, etc.)

* endogenic systems

* pr^shippers, l^li/sh^tacons, z00s, "M@Ps"

* countryhumans/hitalia fans

* NSFW/heavily suggestive accs

* ablists


* i am Mike (Strangled Red/Hypno's Lullaby) IRL /srs. Doubles and source mates are encouraged to interact!

* i am not comfortable with mentions of what happened between my brother and i (iykyk). its extremely distressing to me. 

* i use pet regression as a means of coping. if you s^xualize pet regression or mock it in any way, do not interact with me. 

* dr^g mentions and hospital themes are extremely distressing to me. please do not bring them up when interacting with me. 

* compliments are okay! but please refrain from flirting with me, it makes me uncomfortable.

--------- meow

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