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🩷~Little thoughts~🩷

Am i the only one who thinks about how and why we found out we can eat fruits and vegetables? Like- 

who looked at a yellow, spikey thing and said "yeah that looks good i wanna eat that." boom. Now we have pineapples.

Like huh?


Don't get me wrong, i love potatoes. probably the most versatile food on the planet. But, who looked at a dirt ball that they pulled out of the ground and was like "oh hell yeah i wanna eat that." ???? 

Or or or like

Bell peppers 

I mean, bell peppers, a lot of them are like danger colors (vivid reds, yellows, greens) i just don't understand   ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒) 

There's probably a reasonable explanation honestly

Oh! Also i saw a really pretty bird! I was cleaning up the stove (i dropped my mac and cheese (。•́︿•̀。) )

And when i looked out of my window there was this lil yellow guy! 

I looked up yellow birds in my state and im pretty sure it's a american goldfinch. Pretty little birds(o^∇^o) 

Oh, yeah. Also! I saw the movie "skinamarink" (i think i spelt that right) and ooooo wowza. It really captures the fear of being a child and knowing somethings wrong and not knowing what. 10/10 would recommend...although i don't recommend it if you aren't comfortable with seeing children in distress though. But still really good!  


That's all for now.

Byeee! o(^^o)(o^^)o


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I often wonder how hungry early humans had to be to eat certain foods. Like, they certainly must have been in some sort of trouble.

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That's trueee-
You'd probably have to be really desperate to try some foods
Especially with pineapples and how they GROW?? Its scary imo-  •᷄ ρ•᷅ 
I also think about who found out you can eat dragon fruit a lot- like i know if i saw that growing somewhere id probably be extremely confused, they also grow like- upside down?-

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plants are weird lol

by HeartOfGold; ; Report