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im in a study hall rn :p

all the girls in here r really pretty it almost feels like a kind of gender envy which is like confusing to me cause im cis and itss not like im trans still so like its not like gender envy but it like feels like it if that makes senseĀ 

i cant wait for my hair to grow out to a length that makes me feel comfortable in my femininity, again its not like im trans it just feels like a similar process

when my hair is long enough, im gonna dye it black and have like white streaks here and there

i think it looks cool on ppl with straight hair and id say my hair is straight for the most part but at the same time its super like fluffy when i brush it, idk its weird

i llllove tv girl

im gonna get a band poster to put on my wall, what band should it beeee

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