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Back to work 😔😔


the legendary 3 for 3 is done we partied friday, drunk saturday and partied sunday its just too ez bois 🙏 

but fr it was dope and even tho i had monday off i actually went into the office bc it was next to the train station. So everyone was losin it saying i look like stevie wonder and shit. my friend was dyin cus he just remembered i lost my glasses and i'll look like this for a while lmaoo

I was in the office and one of the mangers was laughin so hard at my glasses then she came up to me and was like heyhey i got glasses too and wanted to match me. It was fun to just walk around the office and see everyone whilst they were workin and i wasnt. And a manager i dont like saw me and was like wtf is it that sunny ?? i was like yessir. I also watered the cactus on my desk (;

and my friend was losin it cus i had on my insta story him dancin w some old chick grindin on him 😭😭😭😭 he was like u fucked me over u gotta tell ppl i wasnt dancing w anyone 😭😭😭

i was dead brooo


fun times

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