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Can someone fill me in what's going on?

I've been seeing a lot of blogs on blocking and reporting someone named "Weez" and I'm not sure as to who they are or what they did, I've also seen stuff about someone named "Nathan". So if someone could fill me in as to what's going on that would be greatly appreciated :3

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Demon cat

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I also want to know cause I keep seeing Nathan here and there but from what I know no one should get involved with them or their friends

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Oh okay :0 Thank you!!

by Bunny!! <33; ; Report

I do have a blog link that explains it tho it’s an extreme trigger warning + idk if you already saw it

by Demon cat; ; Report

I haven't, I can go look at it now!! Thank you :3

by Bunny!! <33; ; Report

Here’s the links but please be careful as I said extreme trigger warnings (grooming)

proof that Starry<3 and lilliy kawaii<33 are adult men


Here’s the post lilliy kawaii<33 made (again trigger warning)


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Thank you, and I'll be careful!!

by Bunny!! <33; ; Report

Please if you get triggered don’t open them it’s not worth it just stay away from these people

Also if you want to block them you can through here or the first blog link


Also there was a post about them that was deleted I believe but it was Nathan and their friends attacking someone

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Oh okay, I understand that. I'll be fine tho. I'll also block them. They seem problematic.

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