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#8 weekly van update


hi all!

my week was pretty chill. once again i don't have much to report. there were some cool things that happened!!!

on monday, my friend ara and i watched everything everywhere all at once, and IT WAS SO GOOD HNGHFDJFKHDSALFHASLAHDDAH IT WAS SO GREAT. I LOVED IT SO MUCH,,,,,, it's so interesting the storytelling was so sick and i loved that they experimented with the art of filmmaking so much to make it so stylized. like i cannot even,,,, hgnjkahgla it's one of those things that's so good that you don't have any words for it? idk?? anyway if you haven't seen the film you need to watch it RIGHT. NOWWWWWWW. right now. get off this and watch.

on tuesday, i had to miss fencing class... :( TO GO TO A CONCERT :D i saw jason isbell!!!! it was so great, a wonderful show!!! i took my friend amara with me. i loveeeeee love love love love jason isbell i love his vibes. and he played most of my favorites!!! overseas, if we were vampires, what've i done to help, cover me up, only children,,,,,,,,,,, the energy was really high but not like crazy. it was a fun show overall!
one of the most fun things was that there were these two guys in front of my friend and who for the whole time were having like, the bromance ever. i only say a bromance cause one of the guys had a girlfriend, but they were singing to each other and hugging and dancing. it was absolutely adorable. even if they were shitfaced and kept getting in the way of the videos i was taking for my dad. lmao.

on wednesday i had therapy, which went about as well as it usually does. mildly helpful. i drove myself there and back though which was pretty crazy! not a hard drive but i was worried about it nonetheless.

i didn't do anything on thursday, i was too sad, lmaoooo

on friday i went to a really cool field trip!! to something called the "african american read in" which was a display of black culture and art at the university that's in my town. it was so cool!!!! there was a lot of poetry read that was written by black people, there was a panelist of students talking about their experience at their university, and there was even like a cool sorority/frat dance thing??? i have no idea what they were doing cause i know jack shit about greek life but they were dancing in a choreographed line, it was really cool!!

then also on friday i had a sleepover with my friend lance! we got taco bell and arbys and mcdonalds and went for a fun little drive, and we just chilled at my house and talked. i'm so angry that i have like, chronic tired, not chronic fatigue, just chronic tired like a joke, i'm just always exhausted no matter what, and so i fell asleep really early at the sleepover. but we got to hang out and that's all that matters! we also watched my favorite episode of what we do in the shadows together which was fun >:3

on saturday i didn't do anything. i took a nice bath!!! i just kinda chilled.

on sunday i took my dog to the dog park with my mom and sisters!! we met all sorts of nice puppies there. there was a baby corgie named ellie, a six year old aussie named maisie, another aussie named kenobi, a little puppy with curly hair named ollie,,,, they were all so cute!! my dog (he's an aussie named odin) got along amazingly with the rest of the dogs there!!! he had a lot of fun.
then also on sunday i got a haircut!!!!! it's a lot shorter than it was before, like, i had like a weird overgrown mullet bob sorta thing it was super fluffy and i got it more like in a fringe style now. it looks more masculine now!!! yippee!

then today i'm just chilling at school. i'm a day late to posting this update.... nooooo... i may go get boba after school!! cause i'm going back to my dad's and there's a boba place right near there so it's not a hassle to try to get there. love my mom's house but it's on the side of town where there's literally nothing. lol.

anyway!!! that's it for this week!! hopefully y'all enjoyed the update. i overall rate this week 7/10


~ van!!!

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