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Would anyone want to read my fanfic?

Hi there :D

So there's this album by one of my fave artists, Death Valley High by Zombina and the Skeletones. And I wanna write a fanfic based on it (or is it "songfic" if it's inspired by music? idk :p )

ZATS is a horror punk band, some of their songs are based on monsters, some of them based on the horrors (being in love with someone frozen solid, that sorta thing). They formed in 1998, and after their debut album in 2002 (edit, they still recorded music and EPs between 2002 and 2006 so it's hard to say when production started), they set off to bring an original horror story to the silver screen.


"This album was originally going to be a film but we couldn't afford the special effects. Enjoy the soundtrack that survived" - Death Valley High Bandcamp page

"The concept album from 2006 tells the sad tale of high school horror nerd Janie Spencer who went crazy when she was stood up at the prom and went on to destroy the world..." - Ibid

It may not be a revolutionary tale that changes the face of horror, but the music slaps. You should definitely listen to it!

So what inspired me to write a fanfic about it? Um... I don't remember. But I can tell you my first idea was that the story follows an original character moving into Death Valley twenty years after the events of the album (minus the world ending) and as I thought of these characters from the album all grown up, I started giving them depth and developing backstory from those.

I don't want to spoil much, so let's just say that Death Valley will be a place of monsters and mystery, and it's all connected to the mythos of Janie Spencer, who killed a girl on prom night, got swarmed by a mob, and whose body was never found. Think Gravity Falls but darker and more anti-capitalist.

So did I sell you on it? Do you want to read my fanfic? Please tell me so that I get motivated to write it. I crave accountability to an audience!


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I would love to read your fanfic!!

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blu ☆

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dark n anti capitalist gravity falls?? im in >:) this sounds cool n im gonna have to listen to that album!!

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