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02.05.23 I Am Deteriorating!!!!!!!!!


evening to all (again) it was rough....i finally have some energy to post an entry so mini recap of life so far 



having afternoon class that ends in the evening is awful when the sun sets early  i feel like i have no time to do anything

*words coming from a person who wakes up after noon


milk bread that i didn't get to eat because my prof 

forgot to give us a break within our three hour 

lecture..............this is an image taken in my room 



9am workshop on a friday is the most brutal thing 

i've ever experienced PEOPLE DIED!!!! the last time i ever had to wake up this early 

for class was highschool  hoping i never have to experience fri lectures again next sem


usual school attire:

yoga pants + zip up hoodie + crocs combo  

i rarely wear actual shoes to class because i can't feel the pedal when i drive  i wore af1s to class and had to take off my right shoe to get home


pokemon choco chip cookies = 

fuel for homework 



ran out of buldak noodles and was driving around to different  markets on an empty stomach i was on a mission...sold out EVERYWHERE 

i picked up paldo volcano noodles otw home   gave up but i give it 7.6/10




キティテニス ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ🎾

i had this cellphone for a while but i had time

to figure out the functions a bit more and found out

they have kitty tennis  i keep on losing though.....



ritual before class: stay in car and contemplate life 


paused slam dunk for a good month until a wave of korean fa came in and i was like woah.... picked it back up again Prayer hands for an announcement of the final dunk usa release


leftover lunar new year money is miku money 

tokyo lifestyle was selling one box for $30 but i found the entire set on discount

minus the 27 dollar fee for shipping plaza japan you saved me 



struggling to not purchase this but

i need more space in my school bag since i'm on campus

for way longer than last sem  $262 is out of 

my budget but i'll try to purchase it when i get back2work 



♫ short hair - aoa

these days i've been listening to aoa's old discography

also rediscovering their bsides (heart attack ep is crazy) 



found out i could change to eng settings

then had a blast playing around on this phone 

i always see gojo fa holding a cellphone of this exact design  i think

i just enjoy personalizing my items to imagine he owns these items..... i need to be normal


i said no more funny business sending stuff to my k-address

but after submitting one form i lost my sanity  

slam dunk propaganda got my ass so bad....i am the biggest fa patron there is 


choco fuel....

today's blog ends here  see u next time~

*p.s. viewing blog on browser is the best.....

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shu ?!

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i'm sorri bestie but i LAUGHED when u said u had to take off ur right shoe just to drive home KEK also those witchforms r the bane of our existences why r we hitting submit every time we come across them T_T

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doctor diagnosed us with KKRT (k-address knowledge and retail therapy) the propaganda is crazy.........we need to stop this madness.

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solid ★⌒ヽ(´∀`)b school attire !! and the slam dunk propoganda is so REAL! ktwt is controlling the system as we speak...

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thankies user muung ︎ i frozed when i saw mr. rukawa fanclub membership card [rattling cage bars] i need 2swim across the ocean to find a netprint ☆⌒(>。<) ktwt versus being a fan of things a normal amount (i have seen Too Many slam dunk merch the past two weeks...)

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