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Journal Entry #6: 02/05/23


Today might as well have been the chillest day ever. I just kinda woke up when my body wanted to instead of setting my alarm like usual. I made some mac n cheese, did my laundry and cleaned my room. 

Though, about last night’s fundraiser event: it was okay. I’m glad I was able to raise a lot of money and I enjoyed the music, but I don’t think this was my type of event. I kinda knew this before, but being trapped in a room for several hours, not being allowed to sit, and begging people to donate isn’t fun. It was cool to see people, but I don’t have any friends. In fact, there was a partnered dance that was taught. I participated in it, but I felt silly the whole time because I was doing it by myself. It made me feel bad for being alone. Though it will likely be even more difficult than it is now, I really wanna try my best to make friends in college. After all, deep meaningful connections are what lead to happiness.

Yesterday, along with the fundraising event, I was able to get some sushi! It tasted interesting (I had a California Roll). The thing that shocked me the most was the temperature. Typically, something soft in my opinion is usually warm. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised. The rice was sticky and filling, the cucumber added a nice crunch, the avocado was soft, and the imitation crab was salty. It was a little plain, so I ended up putting some soy sauce on it. Though I ended up putting a little too much! Overall, I was satisfied and I’d like to try some of the restaurant’s specialty sushi, since I’ve warmed up to the mixture of textures and flavors.

California Roll

Unfortunately I have a test tomorrow (I hate tests on Mondays!). Additionally progress reports come out Friday and I have an interview for a special program on Saturday. I’m a little nervous about the interview, since I’ve never really interviewed for a specialty program like this before. It’s aLao supposed to be relatively sunny and warm on Monday, so I’ll try my best to get outside to soak up the sun.

Honestly, I’ve kinda given up on scheduled posts, I should really just be posting whenever I feel like it. I also really hope to do that TMBG top 10 songs list this week if I have time, I really wanna share my opinions!

Let’s hope for good adventures this week (and sweet dreams (︶。︶✽)). 

Ĝis morgaŭ,



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