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zoom meetings embarrassment

so the past week we had to do zoom meetings cuz of the snow and sleet. i had a friend over and i was doing an impression of jay from big mouth saying "fucking bitch" and i accidentally unmuted myself then said that and made the most horrific noise thats ever come out of me as i realized i was unmuted. the teacher said "woah! lets make sure we're muted and that we watch the language." i hate this teacher but i feelso bad RAHHHHH FUCK YOU MR CRENSHAW

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oh fuckkkkk!!!! that sucks man. once my little sister was in a zoom class singing along to like the guitar part of a smashing pumpkins song (yeah, not the vocals. she was making guitar noises with her mouth) and she was UNMUTED THE WHOLE TIME. pretty bad. you're not alone

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thats so embarrassing!! hope ur sisters doingok

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