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for my mp3

the music i swear by, to be put on my mp3 once it comes in the mail <3

(not including the spotify playlists that i'm gonna convert but not gonna link them srry)

im separating these by "genre" 


>mcr i brought you my bullets, three cheers, the black parade, danger days

>bvb we stitch these wounds, set the world on fire, wretched and divine

>ptv collide with the sky, the jaws of life 

>sws with ears to see & eyes to hear, lets cheers to this, if you were a movie...

>jack off jill clear hearts grey flowers

>happyhappy zozobra, psych ward chess champion

>mindless self indulgence you'll rebel to anything, if

>versailles noble, jubilee, holy grail

>green day dookie, american idiot, uno


>david bowie the rise & fall of ziggy stardust, let's dance, best of bowie (2002), toy

>queen a night at the opera, greatest hits I & II

>joan jett i love rock 'n roll

>gal costa minha voz (1982)

>bob marley exodus

>paul simon graceland

general (?)

>yungblud 21st century liability

>declan mckenna what do you think about the car?

>ricky montgomery montgomery ricky

>aurora all my demons greeting me as a friend, the gods we can touch


>red velvet the red, russian roulette, feel my rhythm, birthday

>exo growl, exodus (chinese ver.)

>stray kids skz2020, skz2021, skzreplay, in life, maxident

>loona *their entire discography*

>stayc *their entire discography*

>shinee the misconceptions of us

>onlyoneof *their entire discography*

feel free to comment if u like any of these! once again these are just albums that i love to experience as a whole. im gonna make a folder for each artist so i can just put all their music in there idk lets see how it goes. ill update if i think of more but i just wanted to have my list down so i can start planning!

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exo exodus chinese ver is so real, bc same. I also had it saved as mp3 back in highschool :)

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