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Love Witch ♡

                         The Love Witch ❤️‍🔥


To give our all to the emotion called Love, To Bask In It’s Glory & Hope That We Can Find The One We Truly Love the niche classic tells us that we can be the ultimate fantasy to the ones we fancy. It sheds light on the magical possibilities  of will & Resolve how far were willing to go to get what’s ours the color code wheel impression tells us how to interpret the feelings along the way down to the tiniest detail ensemble.The Nuance it gives it’s viewers including yours truly *Wink* It Doesn’t hesitate to give us the black and white version of female protagonist feminism embodiments of mens fragility it dives into raunchy sexual themes and handsome fellas lustful eyes across our screens that’ll make you salivate.While It’s not Totally Diverse In Skin Color Hence the 70-80s undertones It Does Give Us Something worth not complaining over. Displaying Enchantress Vibes That Also The Movie The Craft Has Its All Just One in The Same World. While I do Love Me Some Hunks And Babes Too  If You know you Know,But Overall It’s giving love potions a boost warning don’t try at home. Teehe 😉

Disclaimer| The Movie Altogether is a 8.5 It Isn’t On any Mainstream Streaming Platforms so good luck finding it 

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