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~Basic Info~

Name: Issak/Valerian
Age: 18
Sex: sure
Height: 5'1"
Hair Colour: dark brown
Eye Color: brown :D
Body Type: i am le fat (i need 2 lose weight my health isnt good lol)
Religion: athiest idk Ethnicity: white british
Orientation: aroace gay for easiest, grey-asexual demiromantic panromantic Status: yam single


Colour?: red!!!
Hair Style?: my hair covers my right eye, goes 2 abt my shoulders ish
Food?: cheese n pasta!!!!!
Soda?: i like lemonade
Alchoholic Beverage?: i dont like alcohol
Store?: i like damaged society
Mall?: hells if i know AJHGJDS
State?: im british
City?: wouldnt you like to know weather boy
Animal?: rats!!!
Movie?: i loved Coraline as a kid TV Show?: not sure rn but I like toh and other stuff Book?: i like heartstopper rn
Music?: hyperpop, early 2000's, emo, scene, edm and synthy stuff
Song?: idk im uncomfy answering dis
Band/Artist?: once again uncomfy
Website?: dont have one i hate the innternet AJNJGDFHSJ

~This or That~

Soda or Juice?: juice
Music or Internet?: internet i have online friends ;'(
Rock or Rap?: rock
Dogs or Cats?: cats!!
White or Black?: black
Myspace or Bebo?: myspace but BEBO SOUNDS FUN im gonna look into it after LMAOO Cell Phone or I-pod?: le phone
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: if yr asking what i like aesthetically idc if ur asking what i have then curly
Lap-Top or Computer?: depends, i usually get laptops tho
Corded Phone or Cordless?: cordless
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: mountain dew idk idc abt pop LMAO
Pen or Pencil?: either
MP3 Player or I-pod?: mp3 player i think
Phone or Internet?: internet?? i think??
Single or Taken?: single el oh el
School or Work?: neither (ig school)


What do you do on your spare time?: draw or talk to my friends, soemtimes game
What do you wish you had more time for?: talking to my best friend :'^(
Whats your usual clothing style?: uhhhh just casual stuff like a vest and trousers, sometimes a hoodie or a jacket idk
Whats your usual hair style?: didnt u ask this already
What are you wearing?: hoodie n trousers
Are you single or taken?: why are you repeating questions 😭
Who would you die for?: i dont like questions like these
What do you think of one night stands?: bro idc as long as yall happy who gives a shit AAJHGDJF #consent is all that matters and that youre both happy with doing one night standd Whos your best friend?: deity!!!!!!!! hes the bestest bestie ever!!! <3
How long have you been friends?: 2017!!! :]
How did you and your best friend meet?: deviantart AANJGDFHSGJ
Do you have any pets?: yessir!
If yes, how many?: a dog! i use to have two pet rats
Do you plan on getting married?: not really LMAO marriage isnt rlly my thing
Do you plan on having kids?: no thanks im autistic and usually dont like being around kids
If so, how many?: i said noooO
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: where my bestie works to bug him 🫶
Why?: bc he my BESTIE!!! i wanna see him >:[
Ever gone Camping?: idk if i have lawl
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: nupe
Have you ever gone water skiing?: nop
Have you ever gone water tubing?: nooope
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: no but it sounds fun
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: naw
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: naur
Ever gone to church?: maybe once? idk, dont think so Ever gone to a famous water park?: i dont think a famous one
Ever gone out of State?: i live in the uk
Ever gone out of the country?: maybe once or twice, idrk
When was the last time you left town?: fffffff fucks if i know
Anything you got planned for this weekend?: no AJHFDGJS
If so, what?: >:[
Is this survey curing your bordom?: yeag its been fun
Do you resemble anyone famous?: dont think so
Are you related to anyone famous?: fairly certain no
If so, who?: i said noooooooooooo
Do you think your hot?: 1) *you're 2) eh
Do other people think your hot?: nah
What year were you born in?: its not hard to figure out
Ever been on a blind date?: naw
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: drawing n talking 2 frends :3
What do you do in the summer time?: nothing i dont like summer AAJHGFJD
Are you naturally tanned?: im not tanned at all!
Or are you kinda pale?: i look like im glowing in the sun
Do you live in a house?: ye
Or do you live in a apartment?: naur
What do you have on your mind?: nothing my mind is blank rn AAJHGDJS What time is it?: 09:58PM

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