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Random Facts About Me

**I'm a mom to three amazing boys. My oldest came to me at a time when I truly needed him to. My youngest was a surprise but a pleasant one none the less. My third is my bonus son from my fiance.**

**While these three fill my world with wonder and amusement on a daily basis, I still feel like something small is missing. My fiance and I are planning on expanding our family once we are reunited, in hopes of having our daughter. No, it doesn't mean I love my boys any less. I love them all equally.**

**I love to cook and bake. In fact, aside from the jewelry line I am working on, I have a few side projects I will be working on to ensure that I am able to be stay at home mom once we are secure. I missed a lot of the firsts with both of my boys when they were babies. Don't want to go through that with any future kids I have.**

**I was really into the scene style in high school. Throughout the years my attire has adapted to a more "mature" style but my hair was and will remain "wild".**

**I am a writer. There is a script I am working on that I want to turn into a small series on youtube. That will be in the works later down the road, though. I also had a poem published in my high school newspaper when I was 17.**

**I have lost 4 siblings in the last 10 years. My oldest brother passed when I was 16 (the poem that was published was about him), he was my rock and I lost him at a pivotal time in my life. My youngest son was named after him. My future daughter will be named after my sister I lost.**

**I spent 10 years in Forida, where both my boys were conceived and born, where I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. I worked in nursing homes for roughly 6 years until I realized it truly wasn't for me. I loved taking care of my residents, I just despised the people I worked with as well as the higher ups. It became apparent, no matter where I worked, that they didn't truly give a shit about their residents but rather making sure the beds were filled.**

**I am a spiritual person. I have my own craft. I don't work with the gods/goddesses, rather I work from within myself with my craft. I do tarot readings and candle magic.**

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