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About Dëmønzz (TW: stalking and harassment)

Just a before hand: I’m making a blog about this not only cuz this is super creepy/weird behavior and they should definitely be banned but  also because I don’t want anyone else to fall victim to this person so Plz stay safe <3 

One of my IRL friends is bing stalked and harassed by a user that goes by the name of Dëmønzz. Here’s proof cuz I know people like to lie on this site fsr:  




And here is the user’s profile of u still don’t believe me: 


Having said that plz don’t contact this as they may be dangerous 

Block and report: 



Thanks 4 your time! 

Love u! Stay safe <3 

(P.S. if u have anything that I could put in this blog as more evidence plz IM me or just put it in the comments. I will try to update this regularly) 

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even if they don’t have the button you can block them like this: https://spacehey.com/block?id=1625666

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Thx! I’ll abb this to the blog

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layla ☆

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hope your friends alright, people can be so weird.

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I can also get screenshots from discord and YouTube of them harassing me

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Could u give me the links?

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Eer screenshots Srry lol

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