Food Dream Symbol Meaning

I had a dream about dumping a bunch of old rotten nasty food outside in a pit. I deided I would add "food" to the biblical dream dictionary that I have been putting together. Dream interpretation is easier than you think. What does food represent? That which we put in our bodies or that which we consume spiritually. So, perhaps it meant to get rid of certain things from the diet, the spiritual diet, to keep that which is not good for our spirit away, in the trash, to discard... purging that which doesn't belong inside us. Any thoughts?  I had another dream weeks before about spraying bug spray all around the edges of this school ( lessons, cleaning up, keeping the enemy at bay, closing all doors to the enemey ). I believe they mean the same. You know you can ask God to speak to you in a dream or vision about a certain question? Job 33:14-18 tells us that God speaks in dreams and visions in the night. oh btw the dream dictionary is at and I'm adding a duplicate to my Angelfire project at RealNews.Agency ( ) #dreams #dreaminterpretation #food #dreamdictionary #biblical #bible #visions #interpretation

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