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obsessed over SIGNALIS

afjdhskbdnjdfsdgsdgme I LOVE THIS GAME TO THE 9TH DIMENSION!!!!!!!!!
(welcome to the entry where i try my best to convince you to pick up this game)

horror enthusiasts, girl-likers, ANGST-LIKERS!!!!!!!!1 this is the game for YOU!!!!!!!
it's got NECK-DEEP story, gameplay that draws from silent hill or the RE series (in a good way), AMAZING aesthetic AND.... MORE CUTE ANDROID GIRLS!!!!!!! SET IN A DYSTOPIAN SCI-FI WORLD??!?!!!! (ANGST ENSURED!!)

in all seriousness, please give this game a chance if the above interests you; i promise promise that this game is absolutely worth it!!! im not even through my first run and i've absolutely fallen head over heels for this game, its altered my brain chemistry. periodt.

while the girl-liking does play a big part of the story, i assure you that in no way does it feel forced at all, the romance and the angst and the story just send me through the ROOF... id never thought id feel this way towards a game, especially when im really picky about my games >.<

if anyone has played this game, please please shoot me a dm!! id love to gush about this game FOREVER!!! SIGNALIS does the art of storytelling in game form so SO MUCH justice

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