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kewl dolls i have

i have a shit ton of dolls, some that i don't really play with anymore and some that are from before i was even born loll but heres a list bc i love talking abt dolls!

bratzillaz yasmina clairvoya midnight beach doll: I don't know where she went, but she's definitely somewhere. i got her when i was 5/6 because i somehow convinced my parents

pinkie cooper doll: got this one from chuck e cheeses when i was really young. my only thought was i wished she was a cat lol. still can't believe i have her <333

punk boi and rocker grrl:got these more recently in like december i think, they're really cool and i love alternative dolls 

might add more if i end up finding some @ thrift storess... hoping to get a ghoulia doll soon ! 

edit#1: i went to an antique store and found a mint condition meowlody and a not-so mint condition cleo lol

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