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Day 6


Had to skipped for two days 'cause of zombie attacks. and it actually sound ridiculous to call them zombies cause I still don't fucking believe them just yet. 


We're doing fine, I guess.. at least we haven't encountered any survivors that's nothing helpful and shit. I'm tired,,, where did echo go

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Cranky Old Witch

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Hey, good luck to you and yours!

Since you've been relatively safe, I have to tell you something. This is important as you go out searching for weapons or setting up self defense.

Do not use fire!!! I flame thrower, or a Molotov cocktail sounds like a good idea but IT IS NOT!

Fire does burn these things, but doesn't kill them right away! They seem to feel no pain, so they'll keep coming for you, only now they're on fire!

They also tend to 'bunch up', so if you've set a few on fire, soon ALL of them will be on fire, and they won't stop until they are burned to near ash!

Plus, they're setting every damn thing around them on fire!

Learned this the hard way and ended up having to flee what was once a relatively secure area that is now I burned out husk.

Oh, AOWAYS have an escape plan. Shit can go wrong really fast!

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oh my fucking goodness, thanks, I swear i'll need this

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