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[Journaling](Day 15) I keep heawing voices inside of my head... they teww me to eat my VEGGIES...

Sorry about yesterday, I came home at midnight half drunk.
Eating not a lot before drinking a small lot helps. More on that later.

Started off by getting up early. Around 0810. Got up and dressed in an extremely and disappointingly normal way. No punk chains, no leather boots, no nothing but a plain pair of pants, and a polo shirt with my school's logo on it.
Today's the open day.

Didn't eat in the morning, cause there was a breakfast planned on-site. Got there in time, grabbed a few bites, drank some scaldingly hot chocolate, and burnt my tongue. Ouch.

Then we stood like a bunch of idiots in front of the amphitheater for like an hour before the first open days visitors started rolling out for the, well, visit. I was assigned 2 groups, a very unmotivated father with his very unmotivated son, and 3 high school girls who all were very hyped.

We started the visit at around 1030. At around 1100 the unmotivated guys just left. The girls... They wanted to see everything. Like literally everything. Now they were very nice, don't get me wrong, but oh boy.
3 hours.
They took me 3 hours.
I had fun, but hell. It took so long.

As soon as they left I tried to grab a sandwich that was supposedly prepared for me. There was one for everyone.
We were missing one. Mine.
So I called my break and ran out to my fav bakery nearby. Closed.
And then I ran to the next bakery over. Closed.
I ended up just buying a couple low-cost sandwiches at the local store. Fucking hell.

Then, I ended up doing about fuck all during most of the afternoon since we were too many compared to the number of visitors, meaning I had no one to attend to.
At around 1600 got another father/son pair, the son was extremely tired, but we got through relatively easily. They were gone by 1700.

We reput the rooms in their original configurations and left at around 1745 to go to a nice bar. 
Bought a couple nice beers I know, enjoying the Happy Hour. At the end of the evening, I was legally unfit for driving. But even then I was unfit for many things.

So with 3 other people, we moved over to a nearby KFC, where we spoke of a lot of things. Politics, gender, life, death... It was great.
It was with people I rarely ever speak with, but being tipsy made me much more open, and I had a great time.

Then, I slowly but surely made my way home, reached home, and fainted on my bed.

That day brought me new pals and little cuts. I lost a screwdriver.

I hate myself for everything so much.

Hordes of empty people
No love or comfort here
Their words meant to deceive you
Their eyes confirming fears - Creature Comfort, Thank You Scientist

Laporte, signing off. Be back tonight.

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