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some of my friends

i love my friends <3 idk if you guys will ever get around to reading this but i hope you will someday

my canadian bestie: she's legit the best ( hahah get it ) she's so kind and thoughtful and wonderful and amazing and i love her so much, she has so much talent and dedication and it shows in all she does- also an amazing artist and one of my greatest inspirations ever <3 i can't wait to see her one day and give her all the hugs she deserves, my day instantly gets better whenever i text her fr- SHES SO SILLY AND WE'RE BOTH SPIDERMAN

my australian bestie: will never fail to make me laugh- absolutely one of the hands down funniest person i know or ever will know- she's one of my only art friends and has such a nice style, everything is brighter when she's around- she was there for me when no one else was and really helped me through some of the toughest parts of my life

my "sister": as everyone loves to ask, "Are you sisters?" just because we have the same hair colour lol- she's so cool and stylish and funny and has amazing energy to be around, we've been through so much together and have still managed to get through to the other side- she always makes any situation a little bit funnier and just fun also she smells really nice <3

my other favourite redhead: he's really chill and will always be up for a chat about anything and everything, ( especially musicals lol) he's really good at writing and i believe he will be a great author one day- he also does a great job acting and performing and has an excellent imagination- he even got me to read a stephen king book it's incredible

e girl mikey: one of the funniest guys i know, idk how he's still getting through stuff but seeing their friendship is really sweet in a way <3 i'll still remember that night where he streamed that one VR game and it was kinda scary but also fun and all those calls where we've picked fits and seen his little cousin and room toured-

hopeless romantic sadboi: one of the best conversationalists i've ever met, definitely not afraid to share his opinion and i love that, a really good listener as well as a great advice giver ( who knew??), someone who is so kind and thoughtful and really does care, thanks for all those calls too

JESSE: love everyone in this silly little friendship group yall are thr best

i have so much more to write but it's getting late and my hand kinda hurts a lot so i'll make a part two another day <333

thanks for reading and hopefully i'll see you in the next one

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