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About a month ago, I came across the story of Yonlu.

He was just like me, a teenager who liked to compose and make art. His songs are wonderful, they're beautiful and full of meaning and emotions. 

He was also very smart, knowing fluent english, (he was Brazilian), and by the time he was 13 he gave Welsh classes to his online friends. 

Yonlu also loved lomophotography, and his photos still remain in one of the forums he was apart of to this day.

Unfortunately, he developed depression. He was an avid participant of various forums at the time, (early 2000's), in which he asked for advice on how to end is own life. He died on 26 of July 2006, at the age of 16. Leaving behind about 90 songs and a beautiful legacy.

His name was Vinicius Gageiro Marques. An amazing artist who unfortunately was destroyed by this world.

And I ask for everyone to remember this, he lived as an artist, not as someone who killed themselves.

I'll be listing some of his favorite songs down below, they deserve all the attention in the world.

Mecânica celeste aplicada (in portuguese)- - This song was written for a girl he liked, its for me one of the most beautiful songs to ever exist.

Humiliation (english)- - This song carries Yonlu's emotions and its amazingly written.

Waterfall- - This was the last song Yonlu composed, being published on some forums only 10 days before his death. For me, this song carries a huge meaning about life, like it was made for the end of a movie, when the credits roll.

This was it! You can find more information about him on the internet, theres even a movie about him!

Please spread his art, he really deserves it

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Yonlu was a genius, well, I love him, I'm Brazilian and I'm proud of our little Yonlu.

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i like yonlu to, i indentify so much with him

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vinicius pra mim e uma grande inspiração em todos os sentidos um musico incrivel
uma mente brilhante
ao mesmo tempo que trazia a melancolia encantava com seu jeito de compor
eterno yonlu

by yoñlu; ; Report