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Music and Laughter

Humor and music are amazing. 

Wow, nothing has given me more inspiration than laughter and music. 

I don’t even feel guilty about listening to music. It’s a healthy pleasure. When I’m laughing too, I feel fine with being alive. Indeed, I think I might be fine with dying if it were around friends and a nice song was playing.

Gotta keep myself from looking up why we evolved to like music and humor. God damn it, I did it. Everything always owes itself to flesh in the end, I really am soulless. But man, does laughing and grooving make this flesh feel worth being in, even if it’s out of my own design at the moment. I’m currently listening to architecture in tokyo - SUMMER NEVER ENDS. Listen… Do you feel that? Warmth… how strange that I can transport myself to that warm, invisible Japanese beach every time I play the song. Pretty cool. Really cool! To quote Devi McCallion, “real cool shit! real cool!!

To quote Devi McCallion again, “music gets me through the fuckin day. Blue skies, blue skies

Blue skies.”

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