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My Interests?

February 5th, 2023

1:33 am

For some reason I am so attracted to the late 2000s and early 2010s. Is it because during that time of my life, I was pretending to be a dragon at recess and playing on my DS on the bus ride everyday? I guess that was a pretty good point in my life. I love the style that comes from the era. The sort of scene and grunge styles. The ornate decor on t shirts and the super thick shoes and snapbacks. The neons and the funny sayings. I also have a similar love for mushrooms. I love finding them and being able to identify them. It's so hard to me to try to explain my feelings towards certain eras or certain sets of things. It's such an odd feeling, one that reminds me of my feelings towards the seasons. The patterns, the shifting, the variation. I like the changing of the seasons the best, though. When summer melts into fall, I feel like I'm I'm evolving... Maybe? That's one way to describe it. 

I feel inexplicable emotions so intensely! Bleck it's cringe XP

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