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blinkie code & graphics :3

hai this is just for any newbies like me who dont know how to add blinkies, ive just been messing around with it the past couple days and its still a lil messy on my page but i can live with the level of messy it is currently at 

if u add into whatever section you want:

<img src="http://example.wordpress.com/files/2009/07/boat.jpg" width="180" /> "

u can take out the example text and copy link whatever blinkie from anywhere and put it in that code. ppl in the blog section of spacehey have the coolest blinkies in my experience.

i also found a couple cool ones on google but once i went through the good ones... not alot.

theres this site " 982544uury8fgu9j.gif (150×20) (glitter-graphics.com) " that has a lot of graphics, the blinkies are pretty lame but there are other things like borders and stuff that are alright :3 

hope this helps someone!!

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