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some of my teeneager struggles

well im posting this bc im bored and i wanted to, so yeah! read if you want 

when i was little i remember looking forward to being the age im currently, a 16yo.

i always thought that being my age was amazing, that it was a beautifull experience, but sadly life is not a Disney movie,so i found out how exactly is being a teeneager.

being sixteen means that you can't have problems, like real problems, because "what problems can a 16yo kid have?". people will look down on you for anything that you do wrong and i mean it, you will be put under some big pressure every day of your life, and people will not let you have fun, because "you're no longer are a child, act your own age", but also "why are you so stressed if you're still a kid?" 

sometimes being 16 to me is just like being a ghost, no one can see us, they will always see what they want to, we can be hurting, but in our sadness they will see an attention seeker, in our anxiety they'll see us being dramatic, because we're just too young to experience any of that, we are simply just not allowed to.

and its so sad, because the people who are supposed to help us during these years are the ones that hurt's us the most, because they themselves forgot that they were also a 16yo once.

16 is being in the middle of "too young" and "too old"

im stuck, we're stuck, not knowing what to do or how to act.




and it's not that i hate being 16, but i just can't wait to be done being a 16yo.

...because maybe that way, what im feeling right now will be real and important to the people around me, and i want it to be, i need it to be, because right now im suffering, but my age made me invisible to receive any help, so i just have to wait a little longer, and then it will be alright, just a few years more...

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