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Amiga Music and You

When I was about 9 years old, I downloaded a key-gen for Sony Vegas 9. It wasn't the newest version, but I made do with what I could get my hands on. When I booted up the program, I was greeted to this incredible piece of music that changed my life forever.

What I didn't know at the time, was that this program was made in a format called "XM", a music format based around playing samples back with hex values, rather than one single long waveform (think of super nintendo vs mp3 or wav). There are actually a few formats like this, including MOD, IT, and S3M. All of these formats are essentially based around loading samples and playing them individually rather than condensing everything into a waveform. There are differences between all of these of course, but they all have that key principle of sample-based playback in common.

After listening to Unreal Superhero 3 on loop for several days on end, I decided I wanted more. So I looked up the Mod Archive. Then I immediately switched to listening to playlists made by people on YouTube. Ones of note include this awesome one, this great one, and this really cool amiga dnb mix. I eventually gravitated towards Amiga music the most, mainly because of all the amazing artists and songs that originated from there, including one of my personal favorites, Frederic "Elmobo" Motte.

What's my thesis? Amiga music fuckin rocks that's what.

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