dropping the "t" accent???

so a few days ago i saw this video on instagram claiming that folks, especially people from california, do not pronounce the t's in certain words such as monterey or huntington beach. ig the t has to be in the middle of the word?? i was so shocked because i also do not pronounce the t's in certain words so now i'm self conscious. though, most folks i'm around also do the same thing xD 

i don't have a "valley girl" accent, but i have accidently picked up dialects from being around spanish speakers at school, work etc. i had to put in effort to talk like my usual self again, since i am a native english speaker who's second language is spanish. 

internet = innernet

santa monica = sanna monica

sacramento = sacramenno

apparently i was today years old when i found out that costco has a t?? everyone around me pronounced it like "cosco", so i thought that was how it was spelled lol.

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hoosier/kentuckian here! we do the same thing lol. still, it's fascinating to learn the differences between "textbook english" and how it's spoken irl

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agreed! english has such a wide variety of dialects and accents! i noticed it's the same thing in spanish, i'm still learning about different dialects haha.

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oh my god, yeah. I never hear people say "cost-co", always "cosco"! I do it too, it's weird. Including the "t" just feels so... formal? Ditto to everything on the list except "Huntington Beach", I don't actually think I've ever heard anyone say it out loud

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adding the t to costco is something my brain cannot handle! xD i'm from socal, so i hear people talk about huntington beach and santa monica. i can confirm that no one pronounces the t's in those words down here

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