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my life in 3 years (noted back to 2020)

So i found my old journal from 2020 when i wrote down everything lol. imma just get into it

11/22/20 8:57pm

Hi this is Emily/Mark but in this im just gonna call myself em. (most of the time anyways) Im 12 years old and i will be writing in this everyday for a long time. This will be my vent book and just day to day life book lol. Now on to the actual writing ---->


Idk why i started this but XD i should throw away that poptart. Done wow. Imma write down some video ideas on the next page UwU. 


7:50 am

Fuck i left my coffee in my freezer guess im making an icecap TwT


Bored. I have math class mod 1 (online school lolz)


Im so bored oml okay i have mod 2 aka Physical Education =w=


im now being forced hang with my parents. Why? IDK!!! halp meh


wow major time skip XD but i made a song VwV. Its called I cannot give anymore llollz anyways imma get some chapstick cuz i couldnt find meh vaseline. sad. welp whatever. i lost my 5 dollars oh no. i was gonna get coffee nooo 


i was gonna get coffee at royal farms but XD ima look for lamone lol. i found my money and i also have a coin dollar apperantly XD so in total i have 6 dollars aka 50 yen teehee UwU am smart like ash in banana fish. bananafish is sad TwT I hope my mom doesnt track meh XD imma leave at uhmmmm 4:00 or 4:30 am. somtime between that because thats when SKADJ sleeps UwU.. REMEMBER mum works at HSDJF tday so she works 21864378 to 9164873 so imma get my wallet at 3:45 today cus its in da living room TwT im pulling a dry ass all nighter (nothing is keeping me wake) well i have lights on but EEEE


10:11pm i forgot to write today im sorrry. im sneaking out at 4 today so (well tmr but) EEEE 


10:38 pm

im just gonna go to rofo tmm morning =w= bc ive been lazy the past few days ive wanted to go lol. Its thanksgiving tmr  so yeah OH also  i didnt have school because it got hacked with a virus prolly by a highschooler lol its a something cyber attack or cyber virus so they want that money money money- if anyone logs intoo their accounts the computer they use gets like destroyed or something so... no yt for me in a while lol (on the comp ayways) did i mention how happy i am i got the deadpool cuddle team leader on fortnite todayy Y A Y why did i- nvm as a gamer i dont sleep i nap lolz.. so hi? idk im just writing here. this isnt a diary XD its more of a thingy thats not a diary but wait hod up XD "oh dear diary" BHWAAHWA "i ate a rat for dinner tonight-" XD I CANT. im trying to be "ashley-shy-rich-poor-bad girl-steals-hot-not ugly-single (XDD) yea a roblox girl. im naming myself that XD life in paradise2 here i come (we all miss LIP right?) yea so imma take a break the time rn is 10:54pm 

11:38pm im bored imma sleep


11:00 pm

Lololoo thanksgiving i only came in here to say goodnight



Holaaaa. help so uhm im bored im gonna write my plan for my sneaking out today

11:50pm so uhm imma go nap for until like 3? idk cant set alarms but idk PEACE.



thats it im done i quit playing violin im gonna find a way to quit my mom was like "oh you have to play me something since you know everything" me a 12 year old child trying to find something to play my fucking mother as she yells at me trying to get me to play now she is telling me to clean my room and is threatening to get trashbags and clean everything out my room [lol this is not the first time shes gone this bte she still does this to the day] im running away to melissas i need to get on discord and get her address. and ill bring my phone too. "these hoes really be getting on my nerves" the samsung phone is in the drawer next to the door of moms room the tablet is on the bed i think imma look for them


so im not going to mels but i am gonna go on a "early morning walk" im sneaking out lol i might go to izzys idk ill like throw rocks at her window or something if shes sleeping or maybe awake idk if shes even home but i will leave around 3 am i slept till 1 today so thats 13 hours of sleep i gt today. i should be able to stay awake till 3.


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