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2/4/23 life update

I took an edible like 30 min ago its gonna kick in soon

i was like yeah im gonna get my shit together and shit

i am not doing that anymore i kinda stopped caring so much wshich is nice

I like to virtue signal to myslef which is a dumb way to put it but for example: today i cleaned and made a video. So, i pursued a hobby and also had my shit together. So now im like okay i get to chil for the rest of the day and dropped like 4 mg (im very sensitive)

Overall same old same old. The party thursday was incredible and i admitted to this gay guy whos my friends friend that im he/they pronouns and am probably bisexual so that was chill

but so the girl who i had the birthday at we had like this little thing like went on two dates and then I was like yo i wanna be more she was like nah i dont see you like that and i was like okay bet slime

so then her bestfriend from back home is cool and we were talking at the party all night and then shes being all phytsically affectionate with me and im like okay like im not gonna od anything wityh her cause i had a lil thing with her friend and she thinks the same way. anyways she didnt think that way and she tried to kiss me on the cheek for a picture and i was like nah i dont want that and it got so awkward

and then we went to the bars at like 2am which is ridiculous cause we were all so fucking hammered, i didnt blackout but my friend did whihc is like yeah iots your 21st like go you. but anyways, my friend and her best friend fucked the same guy and dated the same guy and then are talking about how he sexually assaulted both of them like jesus chrtiust

anmd then they are so fucking chill about it

like i even have a guy friend who was raped

shit happens so often its genuinely so sad

like even i was technically sexually asaulted because a vampire girl (long story) french kissed me out of nowehere at the bar and i didnt want that

shits crazy man, like wtf

i think this edible mightve hit as im writing this because im so hyp[erocused on this its so nice

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edible over
and what can i say other than you werent high if you wertent scared

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