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ugh this day has been the WORST!!! not only was my bestie working today and i didn't see her but i was so tired from being out last night :(((. then my family *rolls eyes* decided to argue with me about eating vegetables???? ugh idk but it was a WHOLE. THING. then my mom brought up my acne and now i feel so insecure about it YAYYYYYYY, its fine tho cuz ik im THAT BITCHHHH. not only that but my boy *vomits* problems haven't gone away yet. ugh its so hard finding a man when none of them can handle how hot and sexy you are, UGH ONE DAY I'LL BE LIKE MY FRIENDS WHO HAVE BOYS (and sometimes girls, im personally not into them though) AT THEIR FEET. anyways BYYEEEEEE GUYSS XXXX

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