Introduction.. thing


Name: Issak/Valerian (Espresso, Shriggy, Basil ENA)
Nickname: Anything u desire, i dont rlly care man lawlz
Age: 18 yrs
Pronouns: He/him, Thou/thee, Xe/xem. (Vamp/vamps, Blood/bloods, Fang/fangs, Horror/horrors, Mew/mews, Kitty/kittys, Bat/bats, Bite/bites, It/its)
Birthday: 11th December
Siblings: Three, only in contact with two
Straight/bi/gay: Aroace gay (thats the simple term I like to use for convenience)
Job: College student


Hair colour: Dark brown (looks almost black)
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'1"
Ethnicity: White British :v
Look like a celeb: not sure LMAO idc
Dye your hair: I wanna dye it pink at the front :P
Have bangs: naur 
Have braces: not yet LMAO
Wear glasses: yessir 
Wear contacts: nupe!! 
Piercings: I wanna get piercings like almost anywhere i can JGHDFSJ i'd like tongue n ears n nose n eyebrow n lip and maybe more piercings!!!!


Colour: red!!!!!!
Movie: not sure but I liked coraline a lot as a kid, i like animation in general (esp 2D or clay-mation) 
TV show: not sure! i like mlp and toh and other stuff, my interests shift based on fixations lawl!!
Animal: rats!!!! <333
Drink: milk or some sorta juice (i like lemonade too)
Food: cheese n pasta!!!!! >:] 
Alcoholic drink: i dont like alcohol lol
Day of the week: Wednesday? Thursday? Saturday? idk!!!!
Season: Autumn!!!!! 
Song: not sure even then if i had 2 choose im not very comfy with doing so
Sport: swimming! :] 
Restaurant: do u think i know i dont go outside
Teacher: idk majority of my teachers are shit, besides college <3 still idk even then LOL
Subject: English and art!!!!!
Holiday: Halloween <333
Book: currently it is Heartstopper!
Magazine: fucks if i know LMAOO
Flower: roses!!!! so generic and simple but IDC!!!!!
Memory: i dont remember a lot teehee 


Person you hugged: my brother i think
Thing you said: "on your birthday too" (literally just said that LOL)
Thing you ate: crisps
Texted: brother technically but im gonna say my best friend LOL
You called: my bestie >:]
Called you: my bestieeee!!!!!!
Person you saw: my brother LOL hes right next 2 me
You had a long conversation with: my best friend? my brother? idk


Summer or winter: Winter
Cats or dogs: cats 
Pepsi or Coke: i dont care enough LOL
Cell phone or Ipod: phoneeee 
Ocean or pool: idk dependz wat im in the mood for!!!!!
Black or white: black
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
Flowers or candy: flowers!!!! so pretty 
Rock or rap: rock, rap is good tho!!
TV or movie: movie
AIM or MySpace: myspace
Stars or hearts: hearts!!!!
Bracelets or necklaces: bracelets!! :]
Gold or silver: gold >:]
Kisses or hugs: hugs 
Pen or pencil: either lol


Smoked: nope
Stayed home from school: from college yes, but it was bc i was sick LOL
Been to the mall: noo
Bought a book: nope </3
Been to a show/concert: no aheem  
Yelled at someone: maybe?
Got into a fight/argument: ......maybe
Cried to a friend:¬†no¬†ūüí™
Told the truth: yuh


TV: nope
Your own phone: yaa
Your own phone line: naur
VCR: nope
DVD player: no </3
Radio: nope
Computer: yea
Posters: ya 
Of what?: JJBA part 1 (Phantom Blood), Vocaloid, FNaF 1 aand some others I either plan 2 take down or put up!! :p
Pictures: yeas
Of who?: ummmm commissions LAWL


Taken or single: single pringle
Got a crush: no one irl, plenty fictional ones tho LOL

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