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ok its the dude i mentioned in my other blog abt loser boys turns out my friend was right abt him liking me lol

we started lik "officially" dating yesterday even tho we were kinda acting lik we were dating already 

he said if i kissed him i hav 2 be ready 2 date him which is fair yk so i did lik right as we were leaving school n i said "ig ur my boyfriend now gud luck" lol apparently he told his friend later n his friend said he was jealous asf bc thats how any1 would want 2 be asked out which i know isnt tru

since then weve been talking lik constantly n were on call 4 lik 12 hours n somehow i didnt get bored of talking 2 him so ig thats gud

my friends dont lik that im dating him bc i get into relationships 2 fast n move 2 fast 4 a normal person but he obv isnt very normal lol

his main reason 4 being into me is bc im fucking crazy so it works lol

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