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snatched from rottie

1. What are you listening to right now, if anything?

Nothing at the moment, but Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix is currently stuck in my head 

2. What’s the last song you listened to completely? 

Renegade by Styx I believe

3. What is your favourite song? 

Eighth Wonder by Lemon Demon. Has been for years. I have listened to this song WAY too much, probably over 5,000 times by now, completely serious…

4. Are there any songs that can or have made you cry? 

There’s a lot of those. I haven’t really listened to any in a while because I don’t like to cry but yeah, there definitely are a lot of songs that just make me feel that way.

5. Do you have a shower playlist? 

I don’t usually listen to music in the shower, nope 

 6. What about a bedtime playlist 

Not really, sometimes I listen to music before bed but I don’t have a specific playlist for that

7. Have any guilty pleasure bands or songs? 

All those Lemon Demon songs that are complete bullshit, they’re still genuinely good and I enjoy then unironically. Also, I don’t really listen to them anymore, but every now and then I still think about Twenty One Pilots because they used to be my favorite band. I still honestly think they’re really good, even though most people these days think they’re cringey.

8. What’s one song or band you used to like but now dislike? 

Panic! at the Disco probably, I liked it when I was like 12. I don’t really hate it, but I just grew out of it and I’m kinda glad I did because it got a little too repetitive and mainstream and there was a lot of drama amongst many of the members.

9. What’s one song you used to dislike but now like? 

Man-made Object by Lemon Demon. It actually used to be my least favorite on the album. I can’t believe it because now it’s one of my favorites. I guess I thought it was boring at first but I really love those synths now.

10. Do you sing along when you listen to music you like? 

Not really, but I do sing sometimes

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