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Basic Fantasy: Session One

I started running a campaign of Basic Fantasy RPG today, with two players in the session today. Kaeden, a human magic-user/cleric, and William Williamson the Sixth, a human fighter, find themselves in Morgansfort, a walled keep in the northern reaches of the Kingdom of Kacia. They go to the local to find adventure, and find that an old adventurer named Darian is looking for adventurers to clear out the Old Island Fortress a day south of Morgansfort. The accept the job, being told that what they find there in the way of treasure is theirs for the taking.

They made their way to the Old Island Fortress, taking the road leading there from Morgansfort. Their trip was safe, but night fell as they arrived. The adventurers found the bridge was burnt down, and that the river was too deep to wade across. Williamson took the initiative and looked around for a way across, and found a row boat and oars. They make their way across the river, and start to explore the fortress.

They find that the wooden structures and buildings inside the crumbling stone walls have been razed as well, with only one shack still standing in its entirety. They find that there's a trap door underneath an old dirty rug, leading to the underside of the fortress. They enter the depths to scout what lied below.

The adventurers found that they hit a crossroads in the first room, doors leading East, South, and West. They decided to head east, finding at the end of a hallway lied a room with a pit trap behind the door, and three goblin guards fast asleep. They decided to close the door and explore the other paths.

They found another pit trap and a room of giant angry bees to the south, and decided to look elsewhere.

They went to the west to find a room with a couple mangy wolves, ready to attack. William threw them a ration, the food successfully distracting them. They look into the next room to find it is filled with dung, the northern wall covered nests of mud. The adventurers decided to leave that alone as well.

The last room they decided to explore was what appeared to be a small jail, with six cells. They didn't contain much of note, other than a barrel of stagnant water, a bag filled with gold pieces, and a crab spider. William killed the spider through the bars of the cell with his spear, and they found that there were some potions in the cell.

They went to the entrance room, and hatched a plan that Kaeden came up with. Kaeden decided to use his knowledge of the goblin language to talk to the guards and try to come to a peaceful resolution.

They knock on the door as Kaeden called out to them in goblin, The goblins woke up, confused. The guards told them to open up the door so they could to them, and the adventurers obliged.

They figured out the the goblins just wanted a place to live, and decided to take the abandoned fortress. Then adventurers from Morgansfort have been trying to kill them and take the fort for themselves. They asked the party for help, since they were the first ones to actually talk to them. The party agrees, and goes back to town.

They tell Darian what they found, and found that he was deeply displeased. He tells them he still wants them cleared out, no matter what. Kaeden and William decided to try to help the goblins when they go back to the fort.

They then decided to get some lodging so they could get a hot bath and some well deserved rest.

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