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neo's compendium of neocities ideas

i've had a lot of ideas floating around for my website for a while now, so i thought it would be nice to put them to paper(or screen i guess XD) as a first blog!
both for my memory and to push myself to actually start working on something cat holding a clover

stamp/blinkie/button page
a rainbow collection of stamps, blinkies, and buttons all on one neat little page... an essential for people who like to hoard images like me >:P i was thinking it would be nice to separate them by ones made by me vs ones made by other people... but it might work better to just put the ones i made on their own page

new index page
i want to draw a new picture for this... i am envisioning neo having a little picnic in a field or in heavenwurld and it is animated so she can munch on a little cake

personality quizzes
"are you an angel or a devil" coming to a near you as soon as i learn how to make a quiz

virtual world tourism
initially i was just thinking of a "roblox tourism" page to catalog any notable games i've played and share pictures of them and comment on them and stuff... but now i've extended this idea to virtual worlds in general so i can talk about second life, vrchat, tower unite, etc :D it would be a fun way to show my avatars too!

pages for my favorite characters
i've had the intention to add these since the start, i just never got around to them V_V

virtual pet informations
just a page with some info about my neopets and goatlings and whatever else i feel like

bring back "my thoughts on"
this was a page where i just gave opinions on random stuff like jelly bean flavors and tv shows. i wanna bring it back and give more goofy opinions

heavenwurld map
an interactive map to the fictitious "heavenwurld" a la neopets maps

cookie run webring
making a webring sounds really fun but a bit over my skill level. i thought it would be fun to have a webring of cookie run fans where you can pick your favorite cookie and have your website under that cookies name on a big list. im not sure if i want each cookie to be exclusive to the person who chose it, or if cookies can be chosen by multiple people... i think the latter would be more fun

redo collection page
my collection page is outdated now and i think it could use a real visual refreshment. i think it would be fun if all my items were on a shelf and you could hover over them for more info

more ideas to be added eventually if spacehey blogs are editable... i'll find that out in a second! :P

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