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I’m writing this on the bus, but I wanted to talk about my day because I liked it.

Yesterday I got new pillows and bedding so when I woke up today I felt a lot better :) I go to my dads on the weekend, hence why I’m on the bus. I made breakfast this morning which is something I usually don’t do because it makes me feel sick, but I had pancakes with bananas. my dad picked me and my brother up at about 2, we went to a few toy shops for my brother and charity shops for me. I brought a few things too. I had to get a new charger because mines making my phone glitch out currently. I hope it works. There was a big group of teenage boys that kept asking people to buy rice cakes but they were just doing it to annoy people. I brought some books today as well so I can’t wait to read them. I’m going to Morrisons now to get my dinner and I’m hopefully going to spend the night reading and drawing :) 


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