poetic entry ''autumn''

A poetic entry by Leo.N

There is no such thing like a painless death. If you ever were to die and not feel him rip you apart, did you truly die? Or did you just fall asleep in his embrace?

He will never let you go, he will never even let you ponder upon leaving.

Put when your untimely death comes he shall rise once again to claim all you have fought for. 

It was never yours to keep. He will look deep into your eyes as he sinks his claws through your skin. He will torture you just like your mother did.

He will repeat those cruel words that only she knew. 

But you don't care anymore, the pain has become bearable. You lay there with open eyes staring at the stars. The sporadically blinking lights in the sky, they have been watching you with pitiful eyes since you were born. The feeling of their guilt has driven you to madness, the madness of a lonely child. There's nothing you can do about it, they are just out of reach from your stretched hands and legs. There was never any hope for you, yet you always wished there would be. 

Just like god abandoned you, your mother did too. 

You kept begging for someone to save you, until the day you died you begged. 

Your begging was a waste of air to the last breath of yours. 

The silence became more violent than any wound you have ever afflicted. 

Just like those autumn days you cried, they also starved you of love. The love you deserved.

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