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About Me #1: The Days of Our Lives

1. If money were no object, how would you spend your next birthday?

Okay if I was hella rich, it would be a week-long celebration. There's different ways I could approach this if we're talking Elon Musk levels of rich, because I could either fly to my friends and family, who are all in different parts of the world... OR fly themΒ to a venue (likely in the Philippines) and cover their accommodation and tickets. Imagine! If it was the Philippines, we'd go to a bougie resort and then I'd party with my family at my grandparents' house.

I would love to go to Japan too, I think that would make for an interesting birthday.Β 

And get a big tattoo at some point, obvs.

2. What's the best way to spend a rainy day?

In bed if it's cold. Drawing or reading if it's hot and annoyingly humid, like rn.Β 

3. Tell us about your most memorable vacation:

Either Auckland and Rotorua last year, or when I was a kid my aunt would take us to weekend getaways at the (now permanently closed) Legend Villas in the Philippines. You have to understand, going swimming in a pool was a luxury for us. It was nice to be able to stay somewhere that's not really home, with an air conditioner and a buffet breakfast. It was also around when High School Musical 2 came out and I was living my best life in Club Penguin.

4. If you could re-live one great day of your life so far, which one would you choose?

Probably the day when I was talking to someone I really liked. Smiling on the train listening to Roxette like I'm in some weird rom-com... I also really enjoyed the drive to Auckland last year (same vacation as explained in Q3). When we arrived, we ate at this restaurant called Andy's... my god I miss that burger.

5. Describe a typical day of your childhood:

I don't remember much of school, but I remember I would wake up and my grandma would dress me because I'd still be half asleep. Go to school, sit in class I guess, then have my extremely unhealthy lunch of Cup Noodles and iced tea. I'd go home and go straight to Club Penguin, YouTube... I could've sworn I had a routine. Also when my crush went online I'd bug him. Lol.

6. If you were in charge of adding a new, world-wide official holiday to the calendar, what would it be, and how would we celebrate it?

World Pizza Day. Paid leave for everyone. Enjoy a pizza with friends, family, neighbours...Β 

7. Would you rather work twelve hours a day for three days each week, or eight hours a day for five days?

It depends on the job. If it's something I really like I wouldn't mind eight hours a day for five days. But tbh, I think twelve hours of ANYTHING would kill me.Β 

8. How do you like to unwind at the end of the day?

SLEEPING. Listening to music, watching YouTube videos. I'm really into Steve-O's Wild Ride at the moment.

9. If there were thirty hours in each day, what would you do with the extra time?

Probably procrastinate more.

10. Tell us about a day you spent with someone who means a lot to you:

This question just makes me think about my ex. Smh.Β 

Non-ex related answers, I guess it was fun going to a concert with my mum. I think it's something I took for granted as a kid but now I really enjoyed seeing her get to watch her favourite artist live.Β 


About Me #2: Shiny Happy PeopleΒ 

1. What kinds of people do you like to surround yourself with?

Deep thinkers, good communicators.Β 

2. If you could meet any historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

Jason Miller who played Father Karras in the original Exorcist. I already planned this. We'd have a drink and a smoke and we'd talk about the creative process.

3. If you could spend a day with any living celebrity, who would it be?

Johnny Knoxville and/or Steve-O.Β 

4. Who in your past could you have treated better?

The people who are no longer in my present.

5. Around whom do you hide your true self?

The people who are currently in my life.

6. Who has made you feel the happiest?

The person I currently like.

7. Who has caused you the most pain?

The person I currently like.

8. Who would you swap lives with for a day?

Halsey. Or a local tattoo artist.

9. Who inspires you to be a better person?

Myself, I guess. Sometimes having a crush on the person-I-currently-like kinda inspires me to work hard at all aspects of my life which I want to improve. But I have to remember, at the end of the day it should be for myself. Which, tbh, does not motivate me as well as a crush does!

10. Who looks up to you?

I genuinely don't know. Nobody, hopefully! I'm not that impressive or iconic.


About Me #3: Eat This, Not That

1. Name three foods that bring you a sense of comfort:

Pizza, McDonald's/Burgerfuel (burger+fries+coke combo), sushi sometimes? With miso soup.

2. Name three foods you'd serve at a barbecue:Β 

A charcuterie board. Sausage rolls. A big ass serving of fries.

3. Name three favorite drinks:

Coca-Cola. Chocolate milkshakes (but depends where). Mocha java chip from Starbucks :)

4. Name three foods you want to learn to cook:

Lasagne. Shepherd's pie. Chicken curry.

5. Name three favorite snacks:

I don't think I snack that much... I "snack" on cereal, salt and vinegar crisps, and maybe a cheese toastie? Whatever's available is a snack lol.

6. Name three foods you tried and didn't like:

Asparagus (though I think I enjoyed asparagus soup once?), a really flat fish idk the name but it's not flounder, pad thai bc of the peanuts :s

7. Name three favorite restaurants/fast food establishments:

Burgerfuel in NZ, Taco Bell in NZ, and any great Chinese yum cha restaurant which serves sesame balls.

8. Name three condiments you love:

BBQ sauce, Heinz ketchup, and ranch dressing. Not all together though.

9. Name three foods that remind you of your childhood:

Kraft Scooby-Doo mac n cheese, lechon kawaliΒ with Mang Tomas (Filipino food), the hotdog from Jollibee omg.

10. Name three foods you enjoy cold:

Sushi is absolutely acceptable cold. Some salads, maybe. A scone may not need to be reheated depending on its temperature.Β 


About Me #4: Overdressed

1. Describe your personal style:

Sometimes grunge, mostly casual.Β 

2. What outfits do you love wearing?

Anything that shows off my tattoos. But I love a good flannel. And baggy hoodies. And band shirts.

3. What color(s) do you usually wear?


4. What color(s) do you not like to wear?

Pink. I just don't think it suits me.

5. What stores do you like to shop at?

Band websites... and whatever stores are at the mall.Β 

6. What style looks good on others, but is not for you?

Ripped jeans! I talked to one of my friends about this and he looks absolutely fly in ripped jeans but I look like my legs are begging for air!

7. What accessories do you wear?

Silver chain necklace, tattoo choker, razor blade earrings. I also have a couple of piercings.

8. What shoes do you like to wear?

Rn it's summer so I've been wearing nothing but Birkenstocks. My go-to is my checkerboard Vans, but those might have to be retired soon. I'm too stubborn to throw them away, though. They hurt my feet and they got holes. For the winter, I love my Dr Martens.Β 

9. Describe what style you'd have if money were no object:

Lady Gaga's casual style in like 2011-2012. She was giving hooker off-duty and I lived.

10. What do you think clothing will look like in the year 3000?

Cyberpunk Y2K Victorian streetwear.


About Me #5: XOXO

1. Who are your celebrity crushes?

Johnny Knoxville

2. Are you in a relationship at this moment?


3. Name three things you look for in a partner:

Intelligence, humour, loyalty.

4. Who said "I Love You" first in your current or last relationship?

Me. smh.

5. Name three celebrities you would not date:

Any of the Chrises.Β 

6. What is a good first date?

A nice restaurant, then the arcade, then a nice walk.Β 

7. What is a good anniversary date?

A nice restaurant, then the arcade, then a nice walk.Β 

8. Would you ever marry for money?

Probably. Depends on the person lol.

9. How often do you expect someone you're dating to call or text you?

Pretty dang regularly... Only because I talk a lot and like to keep them updated on mundane shit.

10. Name three things a person could say to ruin a first date with you:

"Political correctness sucks"

Alternatively, "Andrew Tate rocks!"

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