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Hello again hello...

Reposting my intro. Gonna try to be more active on here. Cheers!


7sleepers is 7 songs about 7 that might put you to sleep. It was recorded over a period of 7 years (or so) in a home studio in Michigan USA.

You can listen here.

7sleepers started as a relatively conventional acoustic singer-songwriter project (think Gordon Lightfoot), but things got a little weird when I started mixing (think Brian Eno). It’s mostly ambience and acoustic guitar and vocals, with occasional electric guitar and synth. Almost no percussion at all. I left in a lot of the “rough edges” because I thought they helped to create a sense of space. Which is to say, I thought they sounded cool.

So what’s the deal with the number seven? Fair question. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. The number just keeps showing up in all sorts of mythological and religious contexts pretty much all over the world. It seems to be most common in the Middle East, but it also shows up in Hindu and Buddhist and Native American cultures. Most notably here.

And in case you’re wondering, 7sleepers is me. My name is Robin. I have a dayjob. Be social here.

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