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nostalgia and social media thoughts

its funny that the people most nostalgic for myspace weren't even there when it happened. I just missed the boat- my sister had AIM and I think myspace for a year before it got shut down. she's three years older than me, but everyone here is like 14 lol. 

I think cause technology had created this immense saturation of media and sub niches and a million different microtrends- everybody is just desperately longing for something simple and real. 

for example, this whole platform is about talking to other people. theres no posting videos or photos or hashtags. (that I know of lol). people r so desperate for connection post covid, post internet social media boom. im torn between using sites like these, and enjoying the present that I know I will one day be nostalgic for. 

In the same way I miss those fried yellow fucking instagram filters, i'll miss the posts and aesthetics and subcultures of today, of the 2020s., and I feel like ive missed out on so much already (being shy, covid etc) that I really need to live in the now. 

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