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the men I would sell my soul for just a minute with them

Vyn Ritcher

Do I really have to say something ???? MY MAN'S SO GORGEOUS OMG!!! And his vampire card AAAAAAAH my tears of themis era is coming back 

Noé Archiviste

Of course he's here, he's basically my username here OMG ??? Like literally the love of my life, and WE'RE BOTH FRENCH AYO!!??? He's a vampire too <3 I love vampire <3 My heart belongs to him.

Zen (Hyun Ryu)

When he sent a picture of himself for the first time in the group chat, I already knew that we were meant to be together <3 And we're both allergic to cats ??? IT'S FATE. And yes I like white haired guy.


Okay so, I like flirty guy OKAY??? And he fits that criteria a little bit TOO much, but for real, his video calls are the best I love him sm even if the other half of his route broke my heart into pieces.


At first, I was into Lucifer, but everything changed when he tried to KILL ME??? And please HE'S SO BABYGIRL???? WHEN HE SENT THAT PICTURE I SCREAMED SO HAAARD

So uhm yeah Asmodeus do wtv u want to me I won't say anything <3

Nathaniel Carello

Nobody knows him here bc he's from a french studio who did an otome game called "My Candy Love" but, he's literally my FIRST crush ever if we talk about otome games, like his personnality and his character development are TOP TIER, a man like that or nothing fr fr.

Cove Holden

COVE COVE COVE!!!! I WANT A MAN WHO WILL ENTER MY ROOM BY THE WINDOW TOO!!!! This game was a masterpiece, I miss this game and Cove sm.

Miyamura Izumi

The SWEETEST man EVER AND I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. He's beautiful in his both era fr fr (long/short hair), I cried at the end of the last ep bc I wont see him and Hori anymore (I'm in love with Hori too yeah yeah)

Kakashi Hatake

First of all, yeah I have daddy issues. He's my first anime crush EVER, so he's in my top3 for SUUURE and DAMMMMN  HIM WITHOUT HIS MASK OMGGGG. I'm in love with him since 3/4 years now so I consider that we are married.

Tengen Uzui

Bro his charisma is incredible, and he's so ???? LIKE THE FIGHT AGAINST GYUTARO AYO???? I forgot how to breath during this fight for real I THOUGHT THAT HE WAS DEAD FOR A MIN!!! But my man is alive and I'm happy to announce u my wedding with him soon. ( I'm his fourth wife <3)


Dazai Osamu

Yup I like suicidal men, he's in my top3 too (it's basically Kakashi, Noé and him). I'm in love with his laugh, if a compilation of his laugh exist, pls send me the link.


My first 5 stars and my first main ever!!!! I saved for him since the rumor of his banner (not even a leak or something, a fucking RUMOR) and I'm happy to say that I'm the biggest Xiao fan ever <3 So Xiao please come I'M CALLING YOU AAAH

Kaedehara Kazuha

Yup I love sad anemo men, but PLEASE HE'S A POET HE CAN WRITE POEMS ABOUT ME AYO????I'm so sad that I have lost my 50/50 on his banner :(( I literally have the line "Hey, calm as the breeze, my lady" ON MY PROFILE PLZ I SCREAMED WHEN I HEARD HIM SAYING THAT!!!

Kamisato Ayato

I live for his mole just next to his lips LIKE OMGGG IT GIVES HIM SO MUCH CHARISMA!!!! Anyways, I pulled for him, and I got him so I'm a proud and in love Ayato haver now.

Diluc Ragnvindr

MY BARMAN AAAH!!! When I saw him for the first time in the game I SCREAMED!!! We could be the perfect grumpy x sunshine duo PLEASE DILUC GIVE ME A CHANCE.

Cardan Greenbriar

I want him. I want a man like him. He's perfect. HIS TAIL IS SO CUTE!!!

Jude, jude, jude, jude, jude, jude ,jude ,jude ,jude ,jude ,jude ,jude ,jude ,jude

Cr :

Aaron Warner

Okay, I'm the most basic girl, I love Aaron and Cardan but PLEASE HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM IF U HAVE READ THE BOOKS???? He's AAAH AND HE CAN SPEAKS 7 LANGUAGES, CAN YOUR MAN DO THAT??? NO. So yeah I'm in love with him and I do an heart attack everytime he calls Juliette "love" and I'm not even joking.

Cr :

Arcturus Mesarthim / Wander

THANKS TO YOU SAMANTHA SHANNON FOR WRITING A MAN LIKE ARCTURUS!!! He's perfect like literally I don't have any other words for him, he's the perfection and I MISS HIM MORE THAN EVERYTHING!!!!

Unfortunaly, I couldn't find a good fanart of him :((<3


I like blond guy and white haired guy.

( I’ll maybe add some other guy later bye :D)

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based, i don't know some of these men but they look so tasteful .

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they are fr fr

by Noé; ; Report


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you have VERY good taste in fictional men omgggggg!!!!
oh and yeah noé archiviste is the perfect man. strong on the outside, but soft on the inside, clueless, likes sweet things, has a bit of a sad backstory, is literally so pretty for no reason… ughhhhhh if you or domi don’t wife him quick i volunteer

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O M G you're SOO RIGHT??? Like he's literally the perfect man ?? If I could, I'll marry him rn for real...
He's so sweet and caring :(
If my man isn't like Noé, I don't want him
Anyways I love you for thinking like that

by Noé; ; Report

do you by chance ship him with anyone in the show? i ship him with domi bc i think their dynamic is cute (+ they ship name is dominoé which is funnyy)

by alexiranth; ; Report

YES I ship him with Domi too!! So happy to find someone who ship him with Noé, usually they all ship him with Vanitas (it's a good ship too but dominoé aaah <3)
But I hope everyday to take Domi's place

by Noé; ; Report

when i first started watching i def thought vanitas and noe were going to end up together or something haha i mean have you seen the first intro??

by alexiranth; ; Report

yeah the intro is a little fruity LMAOO
But the moments he has with Domi OMG??? I want what they have

by Noé; ; Report

Edgar Allan Hoe

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no telling what your type may be

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it's written in my conclusion :0

by Noé; ; Report


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Stop you’re correct w all of these you have immaculate taste

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One of the best compliment I heard in my entire life fr fr

by Noé; ; Report

muahaha <3 you rlly do-

by Marcie; ; Report

Stop you’re making me blush ૮( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)ა

by Noé; ; Report

aww <333

by Marcie; ; Report


by Noé; ; Report

Ray Zalatoris

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I had to do that okay

by Noé; ; Report


by Ray Zalatoris; ; Report

HAHAHA adorable fucking rant tho

by Ray Zalatoris; ; Report

WHAT ?? You’re a dazai/diluc kinnie????

by Noé; ; Report


by Ray Zalatoris; ; Report


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OMG my first crush was also nathaniel my candy love!!! TWT

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OMG SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MY CANDY LOVE!!!! And your crush was Nathaniel too omg I love you already aaaah you seem so COOL!!!<3

by Noé; ; Report

<333 it's kinda weird timing bc I started playing it again last night AHSHAJS

by bunnie; ; Report

WAIT RLLY??? Highschool life, Campus life or Love Life??:0
And idk if u saw it but a Valentine event will be out soon!!!! The 6th of February I think?

by Noé; ; Report

high school life!!! I started my new acc a few months ago I have smm to catch up on <33

by bunnie; ; Report

Ooomg nice!!! HSL is definitely better than the others like Campus life was rlly a disappointment for me, and mmmmh yeah Love Life is good but the fact that we can cheat over our partner is a big MEH for me….
Enjoy HSL and IM me whenever you want, I’d love to talk to you more <3

by Noé; ; Report

AWWWW I'd love to talk to you more too :D

by bunnie; ; Report


by Noé; ; Report