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Tumblr blogs I recommend

*Deep sigh*

Despite not violating TOS, my Tumblr blog was terminated - twice. I'm still waiting to hear back from Tumblr Support on the matter. Thankfully I can still visit the blogs I love most, and I think the world should see them.

All pics below are from their respective blogs.


As you can see, Mari is a very talented artist. Although she doesn't post her art often it's always cool when she does. She reblogs a variety of content from old traditional art, unique accessories, cute and weird art, and general Tumblr fuckery (If you just want her art, she's on artstation as Frail Duck).

A grungey, dungeoncore blog where you can find gifs of skulls, dragons, and this monstrosity, various old techcore, and other posts that really make you feel as though you're window shopping the world's most eccentric vintage shop.

A very halloween aesthetic blog. The bulk of posts are about halloween or general spooky themed video game environments, but there's also various artwork and gifs thrown in the mix. Definitely one of my faves since I love the aesthetic of videogame worlds from the 2000s.

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